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Illini Union Bookstore
809 S. Wright Street, Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 333-2050

2015 Bookstore Hours

7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Monday - Sunday

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The Illini Union Bookstore, the official bookstore of the University of Illinois, has the student's needs and interests as its primary focus.

As one of the largest independent college bookstores in the country, the Illini Union Bookstore is the continuation of a book exchange organized in the early 1920s by students at the university. Due to the exchange's popularity, it moved into the Arcade building (715 South Wright Street) in 1932, and became a full-fledged bookstore. In 1940, one year before the dedication of the Illini Union building, we received our current name: Illini Union Bookstore.

Had you been a University of Illinois student 60 years ago, you would have saved your receipts and turned them in at the end of each school year to receive a dividend. Now it's much easier for all students, because the Illini Union Bookstore automatically discounts all textbooks by at least 4%. There's no waiting to get your dividend!

In 1964 the Book Center opened in the Illini Union and offered a wide selection of general books. Until very recently, the Book Center was housed in what is now the computer store and lab in the southwest corner of the Union.

After decades of living apart, the Bookstore and Book Center became roommates. They moved into their current, joint space on August 8, 1994 at the Wright and Daniel Street location, and became the new Illini Union Bookstore.

Staying true to its original roots, the Illini Union Bookstore continues to have the needs of University of Illinois students at the heart of its existence. Every decision, each new or existing service in short, everything we do is done to provide the best for each and every student at the University of Illinois.